Catalog of Original Drama Scripts

Our drama collection consiststs of scripts for Adults and for Children.
They are sure to keep your audience's attention while communicating God's message.
Our scripts are free for use providing copywrite information remains intact. We would appreciate if you would drop us a line to let us know you performed one of our drama skits. Thank you.

Adult Series:

Biblical Parenting






Pro Life



Childrens Series


Missions Program (Puppet Series)

Featuring Joey LaFrance, a middle school boy who is so wrapped up in basketball that he doesn’t have time for church, his best friends or God. His friends pray that God will get his attention and get him onboard with Missions Week. Let’s just say that God uses a wireless means to get Joey’s attention. Now he goes off the deep end and is ready to board the next plane to Africa to become a missionary.

  1. "Can You Hear Me Now?"
  2. "Who Me?"
  3. "Wanna Be Like You"
  4. "Should I Stay or Should I Go?"


Relying on God

Fully Rely On God (F.R.O.G.) Puppet Series

  1. "With a Little Help from
    My Frog"

    The leader of the event is very anxious about the upcoming event and nearly in a panic. He utters a desperate prayer and the Lord sends him an angel (in the form of a frog) to teach him to Fully-Rely-On-God or F.R.O.G.

  2. "Frog Talent"

    This skit is used to introduce an event's talent show. We learn that Albert is quite the talented angelic frog.

  3. "Deliver Us From Evil"

    The leader of the event is so busy running things that he neglects his prayer time. A demon puppet arrives on the scene and starts wreaking havoc with his lies. The devil puppet is overcome by praying and putting on the armor of God.


Outreach Program: “It’s a Gift” (Puppet Series)

This puppet drama features Joey LaFrance – a twelve year old boy who is trying to earn his way into heaven by obeying “The Giant Rule Book” and its 10,000 commands. He is also working his way down an endless “To-Do List” of good deeds which includes some bizarre works of the flesh. Fortunately Joey has two good Christian friends (puppets) who faithfully share the Gospel message with him. Joey eventually comes to accept the fact that heaven is God’s gift to mankind and it is found in Christ. Key themes include the Gospel message, the importance of sharing our faith with our friends and the need for prayer

  1. "Pharisee Wannabe"
  2. "The To-Do List"
  3. "Friends That Pray Together Stay Together … Forever!"


Worship is the Glue: “Stuck on God”(Puppet Series)

Character Joey LaFrance, a middle school boy who idolizes Johnny Damon and the Boston Red Sox, learns some valuable lessons from his friends about true worship.

  1. "Hero Worship Part I"
  2. "Hero Worship Part II"
  3. "Hero Worship Part III"