Children's Programs

Beyond having fun at church, our goal is to teach children about the love of Jesus and help them “to know this love that surpasses knowledge” (Ephesians 3:19). Through Bible stories, humorous skits, puppets and songs, we will show children that they have a Savior who not only loves them, but has a unique plan for their life. In a cold and often cruel world, they "have a Friend who they can talk to about anything and trust for everything. This ministry also plans to teach parents this same wonderful truth.

Outreach events - Kids’ variety shows with a Christian theme and a connection to their Nickelodeon world.

Original dramas and skits to reinforce the message of your children’s program or family event.

Puppets performing to original scripts and interacting with live actors (we also write custom puppet scripts).

Songs - Singing Christian songs for kids and popular television theme songs with Christian lyrics added.

Age Groups - Tailored programs for K through 8th grade.