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"Perennial Thanksgiving"

"Enter His gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise; give thanks to Him and praise His name."
(Psalm 100:4)

It’s Thanksgiving time again. This has been a huge transition year for my family and me, but the move from the corporate world to full time ministry has been a great blessing for us. I am grateful to God for the privilege of starting this new ministry called Faith, Hope, Love & Laughter.

I’m also thankful for my wife Karen’s unwavering support and encouragement during this very trying year. The Lord has blessed us indeed. This includes acts of kindness and generosity from family and friends who have partnered with me in doing God’s work. Thank you.

So how about you? What is the number one thing that you’d like to thank God for this year? Why stop at one thing, why not put together a list of things and offer up a prayer of thanksgiving to God. Are you keeping a praise journal? I was reading through mine during this morning’s devotion time and what a refresher course it was on God’s goodness and provision. We often forget His blessings and overlook the wonderful things He does for us.  Now imagine what your life would be like if one or more of God’s blessings on your praise/blessings list were taken away. Kind of puts things into perspective, doesn’t it? We need to cultivate an attitude of gratitude towards God for all He has done – starting with the sacrifice He made for us on the cross – and continuing with the daily blessings we’ve been given. I know that some of you are experiencing a season of pain or sorrow right now and praising God may be a stretch for you (been there). Please take comfort in knowing that you are not alone and that there is a purpose in all of this. I don’t know what it is, but your Maker does and He is with you in your trial or affliction. He will sustain you, change you and eventually deliver you out of your affliction (Isaiah 46:4). When it’s over, you’ll like the change He’s made in you and you’ll be more in love with Him. In the meantime, find reasons to praise Him – they’re out there. Attitude is everything!

Dr. David Jeremiah, one of my favorite Bible teachers, wrote a commentary on the passage in Luke 17 where Jesus healed the ten lepers (please read Luke 17:11-19). He suspected that the one thankful leper had a completely different outlook on life than the other nine (even prior to his being healed).Unlike the other nine who probably spent their days wallowing in self pity, the one leper had a different spirit. Despite his affliction he probably took time to thank God for the good things he did have: Perhaps his sight, a beautiful sunset, a meal provided by a generous person – who knows. What about each of us? Do we act like the one grateful leper or the nine ingrates? Let’s take the higher road and adopt an attitude of thanksgiving throughout the year. That passage from Luke 17 inspired me to write a song about our gratitude or lack thereof. If you’d like to hear it, click to the “Christian Music” tab on the left of this page and then click on “Were There Not Ten?” I hope the Lord speaks to you through this song. Happy Thanksgiving!

"Let your lives overflow with thanksgiving for all He has done"
(Colossians 2:7)

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