Family Tribute


Brother's Bob and Bill pay tribute to Joe as a husband, father, son, brother, friend, and dedicated follower of Christ.

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Friends Remember Joe:


I'll miss him terribly. He was the funniest guy I ever knew, even when we were little kids. His life observations were hilarious and he was the best buddy a guy could have. I have so many fond memories that I don't know where to start. How about:
- the time Joe & I went to Atlantic City-
We forgot to take water with us and were so thirsty after the 5 hr bus ride home that we tore into the fridge and drank all the milk and juice in it. And then we started to drink the salad dressing!
-the time when Joe & Karen lived across the street from a golf course in MA-
There was a green that was blind to the golfer teeing off. Sometimes we'd sit on the front porch and wait. If a golf ball suddenly landed on the green, we'd run across the street, take the ball and put it in the cup. When the golfer and his friends would come up to the green and see the ball in the hole it was fun to watch their amazed expressions at the thought that they hit a hole-in-one and then watch them as they all slapped each other high fives!
-Joe's imaginary friend, Ralph Emerson.
He finally let that go at age 20.
- playing baseball in his backyard and his love of the Mets and LA Rams.

-Rich Strouse, childhood friend

Greg and I knew Joe and Karen for over 20 years. Greg and Joe worked together in Boston for Hubbell as sales reps, sharing a territory with Jim Nelson. We spent many weekends together as well in our homes in Brockton.

The thing that always stuck out with Joe for me was his sense of humor. When answering machines first came out, he would leave a funny and creative message on his home machine, changing it often and sometimes to reflect current events. Sometimes I would call, hoping they wouldn't be home, so I could hear the funny message. He would laugh about everyday happenings, about himself and others, but not in a mean way.

Many times his work with Hubbell was stressful and I know his humor helped Greg as they both worked through similar situations.I think that his sense of humor was one of his gifts God gave him to share with the world, and I'm happy to have been able to share in that gift.

I think the world is a richer place because Joe spent some time in it, and I know he is in a better place now, and God willing someday I will hear his laughter once again.

My condolences,
-Lynn Crane