I'm a New Englander

I am a born again Christian with a deep love for Jesus Christ, a passion for God’s word and a strong desire to share biblical truths with believers and nonbelievers alike. I am a New Englander - born in Boston, raised in Milford, Connecticut and formally educated here (University of Connecticut and the University of New Haven).""

New England is our home and we have strong family, community and spiritual ties here.This region gets knocked quite a bit for its liberalism and reputation for giving the Gospel the cold shoulder. I’m not saying these knocks are unfounded, but I do believe that we often get stereotyped unfairly. New England may be a very rocky place to harvest crops and souls, but it’s home and God has been faithful in providing us with a harvest of both varieties.

Because this is such an unlikely hotbed for a U.S. spiritual revival, I’m hoping that God will surprise us all by starting one here. After all, The Great Awakening – with Jonathan Edwards (born in East Windsor, CT) and Britain’s George Whitefield – began in Northampton, MA and engulfed New England in the 1740s. What an awesome privilege it would be for Faith, Hope, Love & Laughter to be a part of the next spiritual revival in this region (in this nation)